Комплексная автоматизация библиотек, клиник, архивов, учебных заведений, музеев, производственных предприятий, банков, коттеджей, почтовой службы.



  • Использование Smartlocker

Promotes the library

smartlocker™ can be placed in any internal building in the local community, allowing you to promote and extend your services to patrons who live beyond the range of your physical libraries. Examples may include community centres, petrol/gas stations, shared facilities and church halls.

liber8™ integration

smartlocker™ utilises our standard liber8™ patron-facing software to offer the same familiar, intuitive experience patrons have come to expect from our self-service library range. liber8™ provides touch-screen access to the reservation collection and return facilities.

Intuitive reservation timing

smartlocker™ communicates directly with your library ILS/LMS at the point of collection and return, ensuring that the loan period of the items starts on the day they were collected.

Large locker capacities

Each locker has a large cubic capacity allowing patrons to borrow multiple items from a single locker.

Available in a variety of colours

The smartlocker™ range is available in any RAL colour to integrate with existing library branding. Black and white offered as standard.